10 ways to use leftover pickle juice

1. create homemade burger sauces

The key to any homemade burger sauce or relish is by adding some pickle juice to add sharpness and loosen the sauce.

2. make delicious Tartare Sauce

Pickled cucumbers or gherkins are a key ingredient to make tartare sauce, perfect with fish and chips or in fish finger sandwiches. See our recipe here!

3. perk up your veg

Make your own quick pickled veg by adding them to your leftover pickle juice. Leave them in the fridge for 2 days and then you will have your own lightly pickled veg. Best with cucumbers!

4. add to your favourite juice

If you love making your own juices, adding some pickle will add a salty tang which will perk you up for sure!

5. help your sore throat

The vinegar in the pickle juice can help relieve a sore throat. Gargle for a few seconds and or take a small shot for instant relief.

6. make marvellous meat marinades

Using pickle juice in meat marinades (especially for BBQs) is a great way to tenderise and flavour the meat.

7. perk up your dips

You can add a little bit of pickle to juice any dip of your homemade dips. You can even add it to your hummus for some extra flavour. See our hummus recipe here!

8. replace pickle juice for salt

Pickle juice is a great way to season your dishes, add to pasta dishes, potatoes or rice.

9. jazz up your bloody mary

If you're a fan of Bloody Mary's, then try adding some pickle juice to your next one and see how delicious it is!

10. soothe a sore tummy

Pickle juice can help relieve a sore stomach by neutralising the acids in the stomach. Take a small amount and sip slowly to help soothe your stomach.

We hope you have found this helpful and you can purchase your pickles by clicking the image below!


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